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Go-Go Dog Pals - Toy for dog

The go go dog pal is an interactive dog toy and remote dog trainer that provides fun and exercise. With advanced remote technology you can operate the system from near or far. Perfect for people with limited mobility, energy or time. With a variety of characters to choose from your furry friend will spend hours playing this interactive dog game.

We all know exercise for dogs is a crucial part of their well being.  That’s why dog training toys were invented!   Our Go-Go Dog Pal product offers an exciting game for dogs while providing the owners with rest and relaxation. They’ll get all the exercise they need chasing the squirrel dog toy around the yard. That’s all you need! A yard, park, or open space and you’re ready to go. You’ll have a happier and healthier pet in no time.

The go go dog pal was created by a man that enjoyed taking his remote control car out for a spin. His dog enjoyed it too! It was a wonderfully interactive dog game he played with his four-legged friend. His dog would chase the car until he couldn’t run anymore. It became a dog exercise toy! However, the car wasn’t a dog toy, and it wasn’t a toy squirrel either. By combining these ideas together he created The Go-Go Dog Pal.

Built using a hard outer plastic shell with a stable, lightweight and durable chassis the dog is unable to flip it or tip it over! It will have your dog running and chasing with a challenge.

With a maximum speed of 22mph it’s the best dog game for small, medium and large breeds. It’s a great toy for puppies! Unlike a dog treadmill, it is designed for a natural exercise experience with the inclusion of lateral movement, starting and stopping, and acceleration and deceleration.

Purchase a Go-Go Dog Pal of your very own today and check out our FAQ page to learn more.

Dogs loving Go-Go Dog Pals


Where can I operate my Go-Go Dog Pal?
The recommended surfaces  are very short grass, synthetic turf, packed gravel or dirt, and pavement or hard surfaces like outdoor tennis and basketball courts. Avoid rough or uneven terrain and long grass/vegetation which can stress the components and cause breakdowns. Do not operate on sand, mud, or water. Loose gravel and dirt will cause the dog toy to spin and lose control.

Can my dog bite through the Go-Go Dog Pal?
Most dogs will not be able to bite through the hard plastic shell. However, some  large, powerful breeds might be able to clamp around the toy and potentially break through the shell, resulting in sharp edges. If the shell becomes cracked, we recommend removing and replacing the shell immediately.  Some dog training may be required to prevent this from happening.

Can my dog Flip it over?
The Go-Go Dog Pal was purposely built using a sturdy, durable chassis that will always land right side up if ever flipped over.

Is it variable speed?
Yes. This remote dog toy has a built-in electronic speed control system in which you can vary the speed of the toy.

How fast does it go?
It has a top speed of 35km/h or 21mph, which is why it will pose a great challenge to your dog. Something they could only get by chasing a real animal.

Why should I purchase a Go-Go Dog Pal?
lt is a fun and convenient way to give your dog a needed workout.  Dogs should have regular exercise, but owners do not always have the time or energy to jog a dog, or play a game of fetch. A remote dog toy is just the answer.

Is the Go-Go Dog Pal safe for my dog?
The Go-Go Dog Pals are safe for dogs in good health and ready for a fun workout.  If your dog has known health issues, be sure to check with your veterinarian before using this dog toy.

Will my dog enjoy a Go-Go Dog Pal?
Go-Go Dog Pals are designed to accommodate dogs of every breed, shape, and size.  Most dogs enjoy the chase.  However, each dog’s unique personality will determine how he/she will respond.  With this toy, dogs that are more athletic should finally get the challenging and interactive dog workout they need.

Who should purchase a Go-Go Dog Pal?
In short, everyone who owns a dog. However, the product is well-suited for dog owners who seek a unique and rewarding experience.  It’s also great for those who are short on time or low on energy.  Owners who are older, disabled, fitness challenged, or otherwise unable to exercise with their dogs now have a way to give their dogs the exercise they need.  If you are a dog trainer, sitter, or caregiver, a Go-Go Dog Pal gives you the ultimate controlled workout for your dog(s).

What is the outer shell made of?
The outer shell is made of plastic, which is both durable and lightweight.

Can my kids use the Go-Go Dog Pal?
The remote control system is simple to navigate, making it safe and easy to use for dog owners of all ages.  However, operators must be old enough to understand that the Go-Go Dog Pal cannot be used in places, or in a manner, that creates a danger for themselves, their dog, or others.

Why is the Go-Go Dog Pal better than a dog treadmill?
The advantage of this dog training toy is that it is designed for a natural exercise experience with the inclusion of lateral movement, starting and stopping, and acceleration and deceleration. Both owner and their pet get to be outdoors with fresh air enjoying the activity.

Does Go-Go Dog Pal have a warranty?
No, we follow the general practice in the RC industry which doesn't provide for warranty because of all the user variables for use.  However, we do provide repair services and will provide new units if manufacturer defects are found, within 30 days.  

How far is the remote control range?
Using advanced remote technology the range for Go-Go Dog Pals is 100+ yds.  

How long will the battery last on a charge?
The Go-Go Dog Pal’s battery lasts over 15 minutes at full power of 21 mph. Not many pets can run that fast for that long. Vary the speeds and you can extend the length of the charge.

What if something happens to the battery?
We can replace the battery(s) for a fee in the repair facility.  

What kind of surfaces can the Go-Go Dog Pal run on?
It runs best on a flat, smooth surface.  Short grass, turf, dirt, pavement, etc.  Rough surfaces are very hard on the internal components as it can cause jarring.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
Up to 4hrs on the first charge, within an hour after that.  

Is a carrying case included?
Yes, we provide you with a carrying tote for the Go-Go Dog Pal and accessories.

What’s Go-Go Dog Pals all about?
We are a pet lifestyle company on track to become one of the most recognized toy brands in the pet market. Our focus on technology and our dedication to improving life for pets and owners, alike, are the foundation of our business.