Monthly Archives: November 2011

Welcome to the Go Go Dog Pals Blog

Welcome to the Go Go Dog Pals blog! As a complement to the product, this blog should help you delve deeper into improving your pet’s lifestyle, while giving you an open forum to communicate with us and other Go Go Dog Pals users.

Go Go Dog Pals uses state-of-the-art technology, engineering, and design to create a fun and challenging exercise session for dogs of all breeds and sizes. These advanced toys use remote control technology combined with a rugged, lightweight chassis that can be decorated with accessories representing animals of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Your Go Go Dog Pals are sure to change the way you exercise your dogs, bringing interaction to a whole new level without taking too much of your time or energy. As long as you can access a backyard, park, or open space, you have the perfect environment for this dog toy.

Stay tuned to our blog and check back often. We’ll have frequent blog posts with updates on Go Go Dog Pals products and any special deals you can take advantage of. We’ll also offer some tips for exercising the canines in your life and improving their overall lifestyle.