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Go-Go Dog Pal Giveaway

Hello Dog Lovers,

Notice anything new? Anything at all? Our website got a makeover! Hurray! As a way to say thank you to our customers, fans, friends, and followers we’re giving away a Go-Go Dog Pal!
Already own a Go-Go Dog Pal? That’s OK, maybe your neighbor would like one, maybe you know someone who is injured and can’t run with their dog, maybe you could bribe someone! (make sure it’s a good bribe) If you win, you and your pup will be featured on our Website!

Go-Go Dog Pals Giveaway

Now obviously we want the whole planet to know how awesome our Pals are. So we want to spread the word. That’s how YOU will win. By spreading the love. Everyday we’ll be assigning tasks to be completed, related to various outlets. We’re are starting it on our Facebook page If you haven’t already, go check it out.

(Did you check it out? Are you back?) OK let’s move on. We all know how important exercise is for our pooches. We’ve all had a piece of furniture or clothing that’s been ripped to shreds by a bored dog. They need to get out! Run, frolic, and jump! That’s why they need a Go-Go Dog Pal.
It’s a natural exercise for their bodies. What do dogs do best? CHASE. Many are even bred for
it. So do yourself AND your dog a favor, enter the contest today!

Now here are the Rules: (our lawyers say we have to have rules. Boo!)

- Open to U.S. residents only. (even though we said we want the PLANET to know about it. baby steps right?)
- must be 18 or older
- must have a dog (Really? This is an actual rule?? OK, if you say so)
- must complete all instructions given.

Each day we will have a task for you to complete. Once you have completed that task, you will be given an entry into the contest. Person with the most entries wins!

Now, your first task to complete:
Follow us on pinterest!
(this is going to be easier than you thought, right?)

Thanks again for all your support.