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Contest Will Officially end Sunday June 2, 2013 11:59pm

You guys did a great job! We got lots of love from you. We felt it. We are aglow with love.Go Go Dog Pal GiveawayWith all this love in our hearts we are going to wind the contest down now. A quick wind down. Is that possible? Isn’t winding down a slower action? Ok so we’re not winding it down. We are…. driving on a road, we see a yellow light and decide not to chance it. Not quite slamming on the brakes, but more like, “whoa gotta stop”. Should I stop with the analogies? Yes? OK. We are ending the contest. There IS an end in sight! Sunday June 2, 2013 at 11:59 pm will be the cutoff. All entries, submissions, bribes, favors and foot massages will be due by that time.

So you have through the weekend to either spread the word for others to have a chance,
or to double and triple check to make sure you’ve completed the required steps.
We are so excited to tally up the results and announce the winner on JUNE 6TH, 2013.

We will announce it here on the blog so be sure to check back!

Go Go Dog Pal Giveaway, The Final Quest

Hey-Ho Everyone!

Glad to see so many of you are interested in winning a Go Go Dog Pal! For your final entry into the giveaway you need to go to twitter and follow us. Mention us in a tweet @GoGoDogPals for final entry.Go Go Dog Pal GiveawayAll of us here at Go Go Dog Pals appreciate your participation thus far in the contest and wish all of you the best of luck.

Here is run down of all the steps: (remember, you are NOT eligible unless all THREE are complete)
1: follow us on Pinterest
2: like us on Facebook, post a photo of your dog and tell us why you want to win a pal
3: follow us on twitter and mention us in a tweet @GoGoDogPals

Happy Tweeting!

Go-Go Dog Pal Giveaway Round 2

Hi. How are ya? I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Gosh I REALLY need to win a Go Go Dog Pal. It will make my life so much easier, it will save my marriage, it could solve world hunger!” To that I say, “NO.”Go-Go Dog Pal Giveaway Round 2It WILL make your life better, it will make your life more fun and don’t forget the best part; your neighbors will be so jealous. NO wait that’s not right (maybe it is), the BEST part is your dog will love it.

Well now that you’ve gone to Pinterest I see you’re ready for the second part. So here it is.

You need to go to our Facebook Page, like us,
and post to our wall why you should win a Go Go Dog Pal and include a picture of the furry friends you’re trying to win the prize for.