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Good Morning San Diego

Good Morning San Diego featured Go-Go Dog Pals in a report on new high-tech products for dogs.

New Devices Mind Pets While Owners Are Away

There’s a wealth of innovative tools meant to ease the fears of even the most guilt-ridden pet owner. And since two-thirds of Americans share their homes with an animal, according to the American Pet Products Association, perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that pet care is going high tech, from tracking devices to a motorized, toy varmint that’s tough enough to withstand a big dog’s chomp.


ABC - Good Morning America

Veterinarina Marty Becker is always on the look out for the hottest pet products and every year he poll 100 of the top professionals in the veterinary and pet field to nominate their faviorite new products.Becker visited "Good Morning America" today with the collection of animal friends to share his pics for the best pet products of 2012.

5 Gifts That Will Blow Your Dog's Mind With Science

Nearly as many dogs live in U.S. homes as kids, and they're smarter than you think. Give your dog the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education it deserves with these high tech interactive dog toys.

Yahoo News

From a terrarium for turtles to goggles, cake kits, speakers and more for dogs, this year had no shortage of new products to pamper your pets.
Veterinarian Marty Becker is always on the lookout for the hottest pet products and every year he polls 100 of the top professionals in the veterinary and pet fields to nominate their favorite new products.

D News

Tossing a stick for your pooch — such a classic move. But the future of canine exercise is looking a lot more robotic ever since a remote-controlled "woodchuck" hit the dog park scene.
The remote-controlled "Go-Go Dog Pal" toy, made by a Southern California company, sports a lightweight, hard plastic cover painted to look like a woodchuck. Underneath is a high-torque dual motor and four-wheel drive that propels the toy up to 22 mph on compact surfaces. The toy weighs less than 4 pounds, runs on a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery, has electronic speed control and a long-distance, 2.4-GHz digital, radio-control system.


Go-Go Dog Pals is even making news in italy!
9 accessori da cani - fontanelle, condizionatori, sedili riscaldati, ombrelli, giochi: chi l’ha detto che i cani fanno una vita da cani?

ABC News

While Prancer and Vixen help bring Christmas cheer, it’s Fido and Fluffy we’re thinking of more and more this time of year. Americans spend an average of $5 billion on their pets during the holidays and more than $50 billion on them annually, according to the American Pet Products Association. Since more than 60 percent of American households have pets, something for Butch or Roxy (or Lucky or Missy) might be the perfect gift solution for the pet lovers on your list.
But hang up the boring old leash and consider upgrading to something more high-tech. Here are our top picks for best gadgets for pet lovers, part of our ABC News holiday gift guide series. We admit some of them are on the splurge side.


You love tech. You love your pet. Combining the two makes all the sense in the world.
Do you really need a collar attachment that automatically sends clever updates to your pet's personal Twitter account? Probably not. Rather than being about necessity, these gadgets are about having fun.