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GoGoDogPals - Does your dog Go-Go?

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Interactive dog toys

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Go-Go Dog Pals
Go-Go Dog Pals



The ultimate remote operated interactive dog toy for training and exercise; it's fun for owners and their dogs.

The Pal was invented by dog lovers for dog lovers to improve your dog’s exercise and lifestyle while providing operators with a fun and interactive experience. Much more than a dog training toy, remote control dog toy or dog game, the Go-Go Dog Pal is the ultimate interactive dog toy built to be as fun for the user as it is for the dog.

Each remote control dog toy is outfitted with long range operation (up to 350 Feet) and variable speed control (up to 25 MPH). The outer shell shape and material is designed so dogs cannot grasp and puncture it. The Pal's purpose-built sturdy chassis is engineered to operate on most surfaces and land upright when flipped. The high-end components are rechargeable and replaceable for long term use. The Pal is great for disabled people and easy to operate so kids, seniors, and everyone in between can get in on the fun.

Get closer to your dog with an engaging and interactive dog game. Go-Go Dog Pals gives you a fun and convenient new option to keep dogs active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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