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Amazing Product

I find the product amazing and so do our two giant schnauzers. Talk about us being able to exhaust them with this product, it is great!!! - Wendi L

Good Weekend With it

Marley had such a good weekend playing with it. He loves to chase it and try to catch it and turn it over. I will try to make a video of him at play! - Fred R

Tremendous Customer service !!

I was really looking forward to sending this email. Just back from a rousing 45 minutes playing with Bandit. Final score: Bandit 2, Frenchies 0. :) I'm not the best steerer in the world, but we still managed to get some great chasing time in. The unit worked great and is now cleaned up and recharging for the next time.

Thank you again for your support and tremendous customer service

GO Go Dog Pal is a great way for the dogs to exert both mental and physical energy together

Thank you so much for sending us a Go go dog pal! It has been a huge hit here around the shelter. It is fast and fairly durable. It has been a great form of enrichment for many of our dogs. It is very durable, drives over rough terrain and tall grass quite well. The speed is also very helpful in staying just out of reach of many of the dogs. It causes them to use their heads to figure out how to catch the go go instead of just speed. We are always looking for new ways to challenge the minds of the dogs we have here at the shelter. It takes both to really satisfy the energy level of the dogs that may normally have anxiety, and other pent up energy. So, this has been a great way for the dogs to exert both mental and physical energy together with one toy. It is also great, because it is easy on the handler. Working to provide quality enrichment/exersize for up to 30 dogs a day can be extremely physically demanding. Being able to stand back and work the remote is a HUGE plus.


BooBoo loves to chase it!

Boo Boo

BooBoo is a 4 year old border collie mutt. After we adopted her we brought her to lure coursing with our other border collie rescue, Mr. Barbo and she loved it. Since lure coursing only happens in the warmer months, we were looking for an off-season activity to help release their chase instinct, get them some good exercise and GoGoDog Pals is it! It was their Christmas present and she loves to chase it! While she normally doesn’t bark, she barks at it when it gets too far away and it outruns her. She’s fast but the GGDP is usually faster and can maneuver in ways she’s not expecting so it’s easy to keep her guessing (and running)! She especially likes to try to grab it by the tail! You can see pictures, videos and keep up with her at

Your remote control dog toy is “Pawsome”!

Awesome Dog Toy - Go-Go Dog Pal

In 2012 our family adopted a Golden Retriever named Riley from a rescue organization in Houston, Texas called- Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue. Riley is 5 years old and is full of energy. He requires a lot of attention and exercise to keep him busy so he doesn't get into mischief. He loves going for walks and chasing tennis balls but that can get boring... So, when we found out we won a Go Go Dog Pal we were very excited! After the Pal arrived we charged it up & took Riley to the Dog Park to try it out. He immediately started to chase it around the grassy field while his dad used the remote control to drive it around the park. It was easy to maneuver and actually went so fast that Riley couldn’t catch it unless we slowed it down for him to catch. The painted gopher shell is adorable and durable! Riley & our family LOVE our new Go Go Pal, it's easy to use and is a fun way to exercise your dog!
Thank you Go Go Dog Pal.... Your remote control dog toy is “Pawsome”!
The Pierce Family

Best pet products of 2012

ABC - Good Morning America

Veterinarian Marty Becker is always on the lookout for the hottest pet products and every year he polls 100 of the top professionals in the veterinary and pet fields to nominate their favorite new products.Becker visited “Good Morning America” today with a collection of animal friends to share his picks for the best pet products of 2012.

Great interactive dog toy!

Brandy chasing - Go-Go Dog Pal

“Brandy loves to chase rabbits and squirrels as well as fish in the creeks so I was skeptical about whether she would actually chase a dog toy. It finally cooled off a bit the last two evenings so rather than going for her late evening walk, we finally tried out the Go Go Dog Pal. I’m not sure who’s having more fun; Brandy chasing or us trying to fool and elude her! She’s already looking for her toy whenever we’re headed outside. This has been a huge hit and I’m so pleased to have another way to stimulate and exercise our precious family member. This is going to be great in the fall and winter when her energy cranks up about 10 notches Great interactive dog toy!”

Thank you Go-Go Dog Pals!

get dog running

Our dog Kingston can’t get enough of his Go-Go Dog Pal! He even walks around the house with the tail in his mouth showing it off like it’s his trophy. It’s an awesome way to get our dog running. Thank you Go-Go Dog Pals!”

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