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Interactive dog toys

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It’s been worth every penny!

“I’m so impressed. Admittedly I was very skeptical because of the high price. I wasn’t used to spending that much on pet toys….kid toys, yes, but not dog toys. It’s been worth every penny! Not a complaint but I wish it could run in longer, wet grass…..I could use it more days of the week up here.”

Loves to chase her Go-Go Dog Pal

“Stella, our little Yorkie, loves to chase her Go-Go Dog Pal around Central Park’s dog friendly areas. She always draws a crowd! The tote makes it easy to transport from our apartment to the park. We love it!

My stomach hurts from laughing

“I don’t know who has more fun, me or Kota??? I used to feel guilty that she wasn’t getting the exercise she deserved when I’d get back from work. Now she goes nuts when I pick up the dog toy. We head to the backyard and after 10 minutes she’s pooped and my stomach hurts from laughing.”

Too much fun

“My son loves our Go-Go Dog Pal! He’s been asking for a remote control car for years and watching him use the remote dog toy to try to elude our dog Buddy, while he’s chasing puts a huge smile on my face…..too much fun.”

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